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Welcome to MAHSANG website!

As a member of stone industry community backed by huge experience and Welcome to MAHSANG website!professional knowledge in this industry, I am well aware of today’s vital need for changes initially in thinking, whether it is about the trade, or industry, people or anything else.

Our Mission

I, as the founder of this complex, deeply believe in the fundamentals that can certainly lead to SATISFACTION of clients. Offering quality product together with competitive price and timely delivery is our entire mission in business. When you present some products and services that are useful and efficient for people and society, then they will be satisfied by this deal, and as a result, they prefer you than everybody else. By this, you can expect a long term business relationship with them.

I recognize that client is the final judge. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. I take great joy in helping our clients making their dreams come true.

We pride ourselves in our high quality, affordable price, and timely delivery of the products in accordance with the order placed. Highest quality control is our priority.

Our Philosophy

MAHSANG has built a respectful reputation throughout the years. Our philosophy is to always listen and understand our customers and consequently to always be committed to our customers.

Our products are more than just cold slabs and tiles of stone; they are passionate part of us.

We refer to our employees as our “Chosen Family”.

MAHSANG would like to be an extension of your home and to be your “Chosen Stone”.

Mehdi Haji Heidari, CEO and President

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