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marble Persian Calcutta

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marble Persian Calcutta
Persian Calcutta marble stone is one of the most famous and popular stones in India and is known in the world as Calacatta. This stone has another similar one in Italy, which is called Carra.

Calcutta crystal stone, which is in the category of white marbles, is considered as a luxury and expensive stone. Iran also has a wide variety of mines and is one of the richest mines of marble and crystal. Some of the most famous Chinese stone mines in the country are:

Azna marble stone
Aligudarz marble stone
Fine porcelain stone
Qorveh marble stone

Structural features of Persian Calcutta porcelain stone

Very high density
Proper subs
High strength
Suitable abrasion resistance
High compressive strength
Water absorption is very insignificant
Very reasonable price against foreign competitors
Ability to create hubbook and frame hubs
Unique colors and designs


A similar example of this stone is available in our country. The mine is located in Lorestan province and Aligudarz region. Persian Calcutta porcelain stone is very similar to Calcutta stone, while the purchase price of this stone is much cheaper Calcutta. This Persian Calcutta porcelain stone has a white background with gray and black lines, which, if executed correctly in the right place and space, will have a remarkable beauty.

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Factors affecting the price of Calcutta marble slab stone

The very reasonable price of Aligudarz porcelain slabs in comparison with foreign and imported competitors such as Greek Volucas porcelain and Carra’s porcelain, and… has made this stone more in the spotlight of designers, architects and builders. If the structural quality is very close to its competitors and the cost will be much lower. For this reason, Aligudarz porcelain stone has sold better than its domestic and foreign competitors.

The size and slate of the stone coupe
Type and nature of stone
Extraction costs and purchase of coupons
Type of cutting and processing
Sorting or grading of stones
Ability to bookmatch and format
Clean and minimal amount of veins on the surface of the stone
Shipping costs

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