Aligudarz marble stone


Aligudarz marble stone

Aligudarz marble stone |

Application of Aligudarz porcelain stone:

Aligudarz porcelain stone is suitable for the facade of the building, but due to the very low porosity and smooth surface behind the stone, it is necessary to use scoop clamps behind the stone during installation in order to separate the facade stone. The use of this stone is not suitable for the view of very cold and humid areas. Other applications of Aligudarz porcelain stone are used in hall and reception paving, kitchen paving, lobby paving, stair paving and interior walls of buildings, etc. This stone will give a special beauty to the building due to its bright color, beautiful design and the reflection of a lot of light inside the building, especially its bookmatch and four-match design.

Aligudarz marble stone mine

Aligudarz marble stone mine is located in Lorestan province of Aligudarz city and has different works that are offered in the market under different names. Some of the Aligudarz porcelain mines are black with a theme called Aligudarz black porcelain.

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Price of Aligudarz marble stone

The price of Aligudarz porcelain stone depends on various factors, including the following.

Price of Aligudarz Chinese stone based on stone color and design

The price of Aligudarz porcelain stone is based on the size of the processed slab

Price of Aligudarz porcelain stone based on stone thickness

The price of Aligudarz Chinese stone is based on whether the stone is bookmatch or formch

Price of Aligudarz porcelain stone based on the quality of stone processing

All the above factors can affect the price of Aligudarz porcelain stone.

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