About Mahsang

MAHSANG is a reliable manufacturer and supplier in the areas of slab, tile, random strip, cut-to-size, countertop, tabletop, and stair. Materials are of marble, travertine, and Onyx.
The finishes of our natural stone products are: honed, polished, bush hammered, and leather finish.
Originated in 1999, MAHSANG has been a family operating business for over 18 years. It has been established after gaining years of experience, market research, and know-how about the development of natural stone products.

Why Mahsang ?

Mahsang’s mission is to manufacture and supply its products in :

High quality

Competitive price

Timely delivery

Continuous supply

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MAHSANG has built a respectful reputation throughout the years. Our philosophy is to always listen and understand our customers and consequently to always be committed to our customers.
Our products are more than just cold slabs and tiles of stone; they are passionate part of us.
We refer to our employees as our “Chosen Family”.
MAHSANG would like to be an extension of your home and to be your “Chosen Stone”.


The products of this company include a variety of travertine, marble, granite, onyx (marble) and timestone timelines, tiles, slabs and blocks (rocks) with more than 70 process types such as antique, split (guillotine), leather, chisel, Puzzles and protons are processed. The company also distributes all types of imported granite stones (such as peanut granite and orange) with the best price and quality in Iran. These products are offered to customers through a wide variety of different tastes, in accordance with modern and traditional architecture.


The products of this company, due to the variety of variety and adaptability to different atmospheric conditions, can be used in different places inside and outside the building, such as external view, lobby, floor of the hall, stairs and so on.

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